Here at Wonderland Healing Center, we believe in your power to heal your life, because we’ve experienced this transformation first-hand. Originally, Wonderland was founded by us, a circle of friends who experienced profound changes in our lives and health after committing to regular yoga programs together.

These changes seeded within us the desire to live a sustainable, community-based life, grounded in the principles of ‘ahimsa’ (do no harm), solidarity and trust. We were inspired to share this experience with others and to create a supportive space for healing, thus, Wonderland Healing Center was born. Since then, our community has organically grown to include people from around the world, brought together by a mutual passion for health, vitality and self-development.
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Rather than existing solely as ‘consumers’, we aim to create everything we can within our means, to utilize fresh and locally grown foods, and to generate the smallest footprint possible.The local community is vitally important to us. We listen to our friends and neighbours, and share our environment with the creatures that were here before us. Our vision is to further develop Wonderland as a peaceful centre to exchange knowledge, ideas and healing, with the principles of kindness, friendship and compassion. We are confident you will feel totally supported on your journey towards living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Located on the magical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, we are nestled in a lush, tropical forest surrounded by mountains. Quite simply an oasis of tranquility. If you want to explore, we are a short drive away from many tourist attractions, stunning beaches, waterfalls, temples and restaurants.

Our resort consists of 37 rooms, a pool, herbal steam sauna, and a beautiful two-story yoga shala. We offer a wide variety of yoga, dance and meditation classes, healing treatments, special musical events, workshops, detox programs, and our restaurant serves an exceptional vegan menu. We are well-equipped to accommodate personal retreats, group retreats, TTC’s and any special events or workshops. Please contact us with any inquiries and we will respond as soon as possible!

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you join us for a truly transformative healing journey of mind, body, and soul.


With Love and Light,
The Wonderland Community

“Service. The service of peace. The service of any person in need. The word service is so immense. Let’s return first to a more modest scale: our families, our classmates, our friends, our own community. We must live for them—for if we cannot live for them, whom else do we think we are living for?… How can we live in the present moment, live right now with the people around us, helping to lessen their suffering and making their lives happier? How? The answer is this: We must practice mindfulness. “ Thich Nhat Hanh