Written by Aly Hazeltree
Rise and Shine

For some, a 90-minute vigorous Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga class is the perfect way to wake up the body. For guests looking for an easier start to the day, there are plenty of gentler options to choose from, including a 90-minute Hatha Yoga class, Pilates or gentle Yin Yoga. All of our classes are suitable for beginners, with mindful guidance given by expert teachers on variations of poses, suited to all levels of practice. All classes are also optional, so you can build the perfect yoga retreat for yourself.

After class, guests can head to our restaurant for a delicious vegan breakfast buffet that offers daily favourites such as homemade toasted granola and dried fruits, fresh breads and spreads; not to mention a varied salad and fruit bar for those wanting to stick to a raw diet. Additionally, we add a daily specials dish, such as our renowned vegan banana pancakes and maple syrup, traditional Thai rice soup, or vegan shakshuka and turmeric bread. Our guests seem to particularly enjoy creating colourful chia seed and coconut milk breakfast bowls garnished with fresh tropical fruits, nuts and seeds.

Wonderland Healing Center breakfast

There is a large selection of organic, fruit or herbal teas and fruit-infused water available all day, plus freshly ground espresso for the coffee lovers. For guests on a detox retreat, our staff are on hand to help, with daily meetings and support.

At midday, there is the option to begin or deepen your meditation practice with a 60-minute class that offers instruction on correct sitting posture, breathing techniques, mindfulness training, cognitive tools for wellbeing, and traditional Buddhist self-compassion and loving kindness practices.

Try something new

Studies show that breaking out of your comfort zone to try something new is highly beneficial for your health and emotional wellbeing. Wonderland offers a wide variety of extra activities to try, such as Laughter Yoga, Rebirthing Breathwork, Kirtan singing, Ecstatic Dance, Acro Yoga and Healing Voice Practice. Despite its name, there are no asanas (poses) involved in Laughter Yoga, but it has been likened to internal jogging thanks to the physiological and psychological benefits of laughter. Exercises that build confidence and promote connection between strangers lead to bursts of voluntary laughter. The practice keeps the heart fit and healthy, lowers stress, and is a really fun way to spend an hour breaking the ice with other  yoga retreat guests.

Acro Yoga appears to be taking the world by storm. Combining the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of acrobatics, this fun practice is completely suitable for beginners, and done in pairs which helps to build trust and connection. This partner practice relies on a “base” to support a “flyer” and help them move through a flow sequence of postures. Strength, flexibility and listening skills are also improved, while we reconnect to the childlike qualities of play that are often absent from our stressed, adult lives.

Wonderland Healing Center yoga retreat

Winding down as the sun sets

There are many ways to wind down from an active day at Wonderland, whether you prefer more relaxing pursuits such as a gentle swim and herbal steam sauna, silent mandala drawing class, or guided visualisation practice; to more social activities such as Dance Therapy class, song circle around the fire, beach sunset tour, or educational lectures – we’ve got you covered.

You can choose as little or as much as you would like to participate in, to make the most of your precious time with us at Wonderland.

Easy like Sunday morning

Our guests love Sundays thanks to the weekly morning excursion to Ecstatic Dance at the nearby Pyramid Space in the jungle. This is an opportunity to let go and ‘sweat your prayers’ to a live DJ set of tribal fusion dance music. This musical journey encourages free-form dance, starting from a meditative state, building up to an intense peak, then finishing in calmness. Guests return to Wonderland on a natural high after this event, filled with energy and ready for another blissful day.