Beginner detox

Beginners Juice Detox

If you only have a few days available and want to experience the benefits of cleansing, try our Beginner’s Juice Detox program. The Beginner’s Juice Detox is a method of detoxing or fasting where you will consume only delicious fresh juices made with organic fruits and vegetables, water, and herbal teas for several days.

Drinking a warm lemon water is a healthy way to begin the day as it is a great liver stimulant that begins the process before your first juice. Drinking juice every 2 to 2.5 hours will space the juices out to maintain your blood sugar, and reduce feelings of hunger.

It is as important to remember to plan for a Beginner’s Juice Detox as any other of our detox programs. We recommend the usual 2-7 day pre-cleanse diet, including ample amounts of water, before beginning.
Your juicing schedule will be combined with times for rest and reflection as well as daily wellness activities. The activities include light exercise (walking or yoga), massages and optional treatments.