Herbal Detox

Try our “gentler” detox which lets you continue to enjoy eating small servings of food and still reap the benefits of a cleanse. The Herbal Supplement Detox, combined with a controlled diet of only the freshest whole foods and juices along with a daily wellness program will aid your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself.

A plant based diet gives the body the best opportunity to detox itself, but only to a point. Our quality herbal supplements will assist your body to rid the cells of toxins, flushing them out safely and gently.

The Herbal Supplement Detox will return you to a more balanced state of being. You will have a strengthened immune system, and an increased sense of vitality. Your schedule will be combined with times for rest and reflection as well as daily wellness activities. The activities include light exercise (walking or yoga), massages and optional treatments.