3 step detox

3 step DETOX

If you’ve never fasted before but would like to gently introduce your body to the art of non-eating, we would like to offer you our three-step-detox program. This program is designed to help you make lasting changes towards a healthier lifestyle, rather than a deep cleanse program that you may not feel equipped to keep up with later.

Some people feel that a fast without food is too much for them at this point in their lives, so if this is you – we’ve got you covered. Our three-step-detox program will gradually shift the focus of your diet towards the raw living foods – fruits and vegetables. The transition dishes are designed to keep cravings at bay while giving you the experience of what it is like to eat mostly raw foods for the length of your stay.

Living foods connect you back to your life force energy. When we cook our foods, we change the chemical structure and dehydrate them in the process. This results in a major loss of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, etc. The raw foods will help reactivate your glands and purify your blood, which in turn gives better mental clarity as the blood can reach deeper into the chambers of the brain. Your body is going to love you for this!
How does this work?

You will start out by cutting out certain food items from your diet by following our pre-fasting guide.


Individual plan

When you arrive here, depending on the length of your stay, for a few days you will eat fruits for breakfast, fruits and salad for lunch and a salad and small cooked vegan meal for dinner.

A sample day could look like this:
· fruit smoothie for breakfast
· several pieces of fruit and a big green salad for lunch
· big green salad and Thai vegan vegetable curry with brown rice for dinner

After a few days, we will shift this to an all raw diet with optional cooked vegetable broth when you feel like you need it. A sample day could look like this:
· fruit smoothie for breakfast
· several pieces of fruit or smoothie and a big green salad for lunch
· raw vegetable spring rolls for dinner alongside more greens or vegetables
· optional vegetable broth

The last step is to opt for an all fruit diet for a few days up to a week. Fruits are high in fibre and structured water and have a highly cleansing effect on the body. You do not need to take away all food to experience the effect of detoxification. If you’ve never fasted before, this is an excellent way to move away from heavy and greasy foods, patterns of overeating or eating mindlessly and giving your body a gentle cleanse at the same time.

Towards the end of the program, you can decide if you want to include a day or several days on fruit juices if you feel like kicking it up a notch – or keep eating the fruits. Both are highly beneficial.

We suggest you book this program for as long as possible for the smoothest transition. Don’t hesitate to contact us and help us individualize the program to your time frame, expectations and dietary needs.