Ekaterina Sky is a wildlife conservation artist from Los Angeles, California.

With her art she inspires love for animals and raises awareness about the impact humans have on different species. Through the connections they feel when they gaze into the animals’ eyes, she intends to awaken the viewer to how his or her actions affect the environment and animals.

This piece is part of a world mural tour to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. Pig-tailed macaques are used in coconut farming. They are intentionally bred and trained often with punishment to harvest coconuts. Unfortunately the monkeys are always tethered to their handler and are not living their natural life.

Monkeys don’t have to be used in coconut farms. Humans can perform this task, either by climbing the trees themselves or using long sticks. This is what is being done at Wonderland Healing Centre, where all the coconuts consumed are ethically sourced.

Choose your coconut products wisely

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