Inner walk

Inner Walk

If you’re looking for a retreat that can help change the way you approach life, push you the extra mile, and introduce you to your inner self, come explore the Inner Walk Program at Wonderland Healing Center. This transformational retreat will provide you the space to discover your own healing abilities, learning abilities, and inner strength. The practice includes walking for 4 hours a day, 4 days in a row in a specialized jungle shala surrounded by lush nature and peaceful serenity. Spiritual practices such as meditation or yoga support the building of our relationship to ourselves in a calm and peaceful environment allowing us to quiet some of the “noise” in our heads we are used to dealing with on a daily basis. Instead of avoiding the noise, Inner Walk allows us to meet the noise. We want to connect with ourselves amidst the commotion of our minds. Here you will gain tools that can help manage your noisy and distracting existence more peacefully, and skills to apply those tools to your daily lives. Alongside the walking practice, you will be able to enjoy the wide variety of daily yoga and meditation classes, and additional harmonizing workshops and events – suitable for all levels of experience. The luxurious facilities also include an outdoor pool and herbal steam sauna.

Retreat Highlights

  • 4 days of walking meditation
  • Lectures and events during evenings
  • Shuttle transfer to the ferry port – Private Room Only!
  • Daily vegan meals and drinks
  • 7 nights accommodation

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Yoga Styles

  • Hatha
  • Kundalini
  • Vinyasa
  • Yin
  • Nidra
  • Therapeutic
  • Alignment

Yoga Retreat Packages Prices (Thai Baht) – Only 7 nights Up

Private- Single
Private- Couple
Private- Single
Private- Couple
Private- Single
Private- Couple
May - Aug 2020May - Aug 2020May - Aug 2020Sep - Nov 2020Sep - Nov 2020Sep - Nov 2020Dec 2020Dec 2020Dec 2020
3 Nights3,9007,5009,0006,00010,80015,3006,60012,00016,500
7 Nights9,10017,50021,00014,00025,20035,70015,40028,00038,500
11 Nights14,30027,50033,00022,00039,60056,10024,20044,00060,500
15 Nights19,50037,50045,00030,00054,00076,50033,00060,00082,500
21 Nights27,30052,50063,00042,00075,600107,10046,20084,000115,500
28 Nights36,40070,00084,00056,000100,800142,80061,600112,000154,000
3 Nights
May - Aug 2020
Private- Single7500
Private- Couple10500
7 NightsMay - Aug 2020
Private- Single17,500
Private- Couple24,500
11 NightsMay - Aug 2020
Private- Single27,500
Private- Couple38,500
15 NightsMay - Aug 2020
Private- Single37,500
Private- Couple52,500
21 NightsMay - Aug 2020
Private- Single52,500
Private- Couple73,500
28 NightsMay - Aug 2020
Private- Single70,000
Private- Couple98,000
3 NightsSep - Nov 2020
Private- Single10800
Private- Couple15300
7 NightsSep - Nov 2020
Private- Single25,200
Private- Couple35,700
11 NightsSep - Nov 2020
Private- Single39,600
Private- Couple56,100
15 NightsSep - Nov 2020
Private- Single54,000
Private- Couple76,500
21 NightsSep - Nov 2020
Private- Single75,600
Private- Couple107,100
28 NightsSep - Nov 2020
Private- Single100,800
Private- Couple142,800
3 NightsDec 2020
Private- Single12000
Private- Couple16500
7 NightsDec 2020
Private- Single28,000
Private- Couple38,500
11 NightsDec 2020
Private- Single44,000
Private- Couple60,500
15 NightsDec 2020
Private- Single60,000
Private- Couple82,500
21 NightsDec 2020
Private- Single84,000
Private- Couple115,500
28 NightsDec 2020
Private- Single112,000
Private- Couple154,000