Herbal STEAM

Herbal Steam Room

Wonderland Healing Center recently unveiled our newly built, dome-shaped, herbal steam sauna for guests to enjoy, day and night. There’s nothing like soothing tired muscles and relaxing the mind after a day of yoga activities, as the scent of lemongrass and hot steam melts away any tension in the body. Steam sauna use can decrease your recovery time post-workout, and help you feel healthier. It also creates an environment that is conducive to clearing congestion, by warming the mucous membrane which encourages deep breathing. All very beneficial for your pranayama practice.

In fact, using a steam sauna as part of your warm-up could help you reach maximum mobility during Pilates and yoga. A study showed that when heat was applied to the knee joint before activity, the joint was far more flexible and relaxed and less prone to injury.

We regularly host fire circle events with live musicians at our fire pit close to the sauna.

As well as having amazing acoustics (our guests love to sing in the sauna), the sweat inducing heat supports you in the detoxification process. It is thought to balance many health problems including hypertension, fatigue, discomfort, and even certain cravings. Regular sauna use has been shown to reduce incidences of colds and influenza, because exposing your body to steam stimulates leukocytes, which are cells that fight infection.


Steam saunas are also more hydrating for your skin than traditional dry saunas, and can improve the complexion. The heat opens up the pores, and the warm condensation rinses away the dirt and dead skin that can lead to breakouts.

 Our steam sauna is particularly beneficial in supporting guests through a detox program. Sweating in a sauna can help detoxify the body of the toxic agents, such as lactic acid, sodium, and uric acid, that routinely accumulate in the body. Toxins stored in subcutaneous fat are released through perspiration. As toxins stored in the fat pass through perspiration, toxins that are stored at deeper levels of tissue throughout the body will move up into this layer of fat and continue to be released through sweat. The enhanced oxygen levels can assist in the dissolution of hidden toxic agents in the blood, and studies show that sauna use can decrease your body’s production of cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that regulates the level of stress that you feel, therefore, when your cortisol levels drop, you feel more in control and relaxed.

 Circulation increases when you’re in the sauna and increased blood flow improves blood oxygenation, which can lead to lowered blood pressure and a healthier heart. It’s no wonder the Scandinavians are so obsessed with sauna use!