14 Day “clear mind” Meditation & Coaching Intensive – Discover Your Innate Wellbeing

(Limited to 20 people)

Every person has innate wellbeing. It is built into the human system. What gets in the way of our wellbeing? Research studies show that excessive habitual thinking is the single biggest predictor of mental health issues.

During this intensive meditation and coaching intensive, you will learn to compassionately observe and understand the “technology of the mind”, and you’ll also receive life-changing group coaching relating to the most important aspects of human life; relationships, family, love, work, money and purpose. 

This is a heart-centered approach to meditation; awareness-based rather than result-oriented. Together we will investigate through direct experience, the limitless field of Pure Awareness in which the illusory drama of life merely arises. We will look closely at human suffering (anger, fear, anxiety, etc) and meet whatever arises with open interest and compassionate curiosity, embracing every aspect of our human experience. Nothing denied, nothing excluded.

Seeking some imaginary future transformation is the very thing that prevents us from discovering the aliveness and openness of the here-now. As we wake up from the problems created by thought, we uncover the innate wellbeing and wholeness at the heart of every person.

The aim of this retreat is for you to:

  • wake up from the movie of your thinking
  • gain clarity about how your every experience of life is created
  • experience freedom from anxiety and understand what confidence really is
  • see your world with fresh eyes
  • rediscover your natural resilience and appreciation for life – regardless of your personal situation or life circumstances.

Lead facilitator – Aly Hazeltree. Guest facilitator – Fluke from Wonderland.

What you can expect from this 14 day meditation training:


  • Full board (delicious vegan buffet)  at Wonderland Healing Center
  • 3-4 hours of meditation training
  • Coaching classes addressing all aspects of human life
  • Gentle Yin Yoga practice
  • Practical philosophy talks on the “technology of the mind”
  • Training in attuning to your “inner wisdom”  
  • Time for being in nature



  • Introduction to the “Inner Walk” walking meditation practice with guidance from Buddhist Monk, Prah Orlarn.
  • Rebirthing Breathwork, Sound Healing
  • Karma Yoga (Beach clean up event)
  • Guided, silent mindful waterfall hike
  • Non-Violent Communication class
  • Authentic Relating Games
  • Silent Friday’s
  • Steam sauna and cold plunge pool
  • Shamanic Journey

You will also have the opportunity to attend classes from Wonderland’s evening schedule, and there will be free time for beach excursions.

* Recommended reading list before the retreat: note this is not essential, but would be very beneficial for anyone attending.

‘Coming Home’ by Dicken Bettinger

‘Be Here Now’ by Ram Dass

‘The Inside Out Understanding’ by Michael Neil


This retreat will draw from the wisdom of Buddhism, Taoism, Mindfulness, the Three Principles Paradigm and more. (Note: this is a non-religious, non-dogmatic retreat, inspired by Eastern spiritual traditions, Western secular philosophies and the latest neuroscience research).

Testimonials from Aly’s classes:

“Thank you again for your kindness and guidance at Wonderland. My overall experience there was tremendous and you had a large part to play in guiding my transformation. I believe that our meditation sessions truly helped create more space within myself. Unloading all of those storylines and patterns, and learning how to have more awareness when they try to return into the forefront of my mind. With each daily meditation I do, I feel so grateful for my experience in your classes and I am so appreciative for you sharing your energy and expertise with me. You will always have a very special place in my heart and know that your teachings will continue to live in my children too. You are such a blessing.” – Elana from New York

“I was able to experience Aly’s meditations at a Retreat in Nepal. And what can I say- she has reached me absolutely through her beautiful authenticity and her own vulnerability and sharing, which was a natural part of these sessions- and that makes it even easier to open up. Still feel this essence that you have created and your pureness and words during these different meditations have channeled a lot. Thank you, for doing this in exactly this way!” – Karolina from Germanya

“I was fortunate to attend Aly’s meditation classes. She explained meditation in such a beautiful way and I still use the practices and tools that she taught me. Aly is such a kind and caring person. She is patient with her students and always have time to answer your questions which I really appreciated. She even sent me resources afterwards which made it so much easier for me to continue my practice. I highly recommend Aly, her work really makes a positive difference.” – Catherine from Germany

“Aly is a great listener and a natural born healer. She’s very calming, supportive, open, dedicated, kind and funny. Her classes are as much about the meditation as they are to be in her presence. She radiates love and understanding, she is generous with her knowledge and wisdom, and she shares her own life lessons, past and present, which make her sessions authentic, human and beautiful.” – George from U.K

“Aly is one of the most incredible people I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with. Her presence is incredibly calming, she really listens to you when you talk, something I find rare even with people I’ve known for decades. And when she talks pretty much every word she speaks is a pearl of wisdom. I feel so much gratitude to have been able to sit and develop my meditation practise with her for 2 weeks.” – Tom from U.K

“I cannot speak highly enough of Aly and her gifts! When I met Aly I was really struggling at this point in my life and taking her meditation classes at Wonderland provided me with the tools I needed to begin really making changes. Her personal, no bullsh*t approach to meditation made even the most conceptual ideas easy to digest. She really curates a safe space to share with other students and presents meditation as a means of empowerment and self-healing. I had the privilege of visiting Wonderland again recently, and the second time around really reinforced what a talented teacher Aly is. Thank you for all that you do!” – Cat from Vietnam

“Aly and her guided meditations have helped me find peace in my life on a number of occasions. The lessons I learned and things I experienced with Aly have stayed with me—even years after my time with her—and have been a beautiful set of resources for me to return to when I’m struggling with the outside world. I truly believe Aly’s presence in this world makes all of humanity better off, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. She’s been blessed with a gift for guiding meditations.” – Katie from USA

“I went to Alys meditation during my trip through Thailand. Even if I just went to a few classes of her guided meditation, it was one of the best experiences ever. She really changed my thoughts and life! Thank you for that experience, Aly. You are doing amazing things out there. I really hope to join a class again someday.” – Antje from Belgium

“With a calm and relatable energy Aly offers insights and analogies to real life issues with an amazing English accent. The best meditation practice I’ve ever experienced. And she is the one who helped prepare me in advance for a fruitful vipassana course.” – Julian from USA


Dorms – 1,990 USD
Shared private room (Shared with one more person) – 2,490 USD
Private room – 2,990 USD