Awakened Leader

Awakened Leader

A new type of Executive Retreat designed to bring you peace of mind, clarity, inspiration and revitalisation.

There’s no doubt that the world we live in today is complRetreat Wonderland Healing Centerex. Change – politically, economically, technologically, climatically – is happening at an accelerating pace. For many it’s causing overwhelm, confusion & uncertainty. This predicament requires leaders to focus on their development more than ever. Especially in the following areas:

Managing stress
Looking after self physically, mentally and emotionally
Thinking clearly to make wiser decisions
Leading with authenticity and integrity
Being kind to and connected with others
Being responsible and considerate to society and the planet

Fundamental to developing such leadership mastery is understanding the human mind. Once you grasp this, you’ll open up a new way of seeing, thinking, living and leading. Thus unleashing potential for yourself, others and humanity. And it’s this, that is at the core of this Retreat.
Learn about your mind, unlock limitless potential, make more difference
The heart of the Retreat – a revolutionary understanding

From the Pragma Group’s highly-acclaimed Quality of Mind programe, we teach a set of principles that explain how we function psychologically and spiritually. Our approach is based on the latest neuro-science and cutting-edge personal development. It also aligns with the ancient wisdomYoga Retreat Thailands of the East. These principles are simple to understand and profoundly powerful.


The Program

Each day on the retreat will be a carefully designed blend of Quality of Mind teaching with meditation, yoga, walking, sound healing, personal coaching and more. Each session will help you find stillness and hence enable the

topics of our conversations to sink in to your being. Whether you are new to this way of thinking or if you’ve been on your own development journey for some time, we’ll ensure that the programe surpasses your needs. We’ll also give you time to reflect and journal, so that you capture your insights whilst enjoying the beautiful environment.

Because of the special conditions of the programme, and the power of the principles we share, you will be able to access a deeply felt personal understanding of the power of your own mind.

This will transform how and what you think.

Such expansion of awareness, will assist you in identifying and freeing yourself from limiting paradigms and help you conquer resistance, think clearly, gain fresh insights and deepen your connection to life, others and nature. With this new perspective you can easily re-appraise and re-define your approach to business and life.
Is this for you? Yes, if:

You are a leader of or in an organisation
You want a break to recuperate, but are seeking an experience that is genuinely transformational
You desire leadership mastery
You are at a crossroads looking for answers
You are keen to work out how to make more difference in the world

What is included

Coaching session pre-arrival to ensure that the programme is designed to suit your specific situation and needs
Teaching from Pragma’s Quality of Mind programme
All of Wonderland’s facilities and classes – including all of the yoga, meditation, the sauna, pools and more
Daily one-to-one Executive Coaching
A private bedroom and delicious plant-based food for all meals
Time for rest and reflection

About Us

This Retreat is a partnership between WonderlandHealing Center and The Pragma Group. The Pragma Group provide training and coaching for business leaders across the world and have over 18 years experience helping clients to develop and transform.

Your Retreat will be led by the highly respected CEO Executive Coach, Martin Palethorpe, Founder of the Pragma Group. And supported by Yuval and Aly Hazlewood, co-founders & spiritual teachers at Wonderland.
Testimonials about Pragma and Martin

“This has changed my life. I have a clear mind with clear focus like never before.” Board Director, global retailer

“This Retreat has been extremely helpful to me in my personal and business life. The rest & recuperation was amazing but it’s more than that. It has help me understand how my mind works. When my over-thinking drops away; tasks are simpler to achieve, problems melt away, productivity increases. Life has become a pleasure – more enjoyment & more success.” Senior Partner, law firm

“I wholeheartedly recommend working with Martin as a Coach to any CEO who wants to greatly improve their performance and quality of thinking.” CEO, high-growth global technology business

“It’s a year since you first rebuilt me. I’ve come such a long way since suffering low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. My mind is in a completely different place and I feel physically very well too. Thank you so much.” CEO, creative agency


More Info

We’re running programmes in 2020 in the weeks of April 13th, 20th, 27th, May 4th and July 13th, 20th, 27th, Aug 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, Oct 19th, 26th, Nov 2nd, 9th. We’ll run the programmes for between 1-8 participants.

Seven night all-inclusive Fee, an investment that will pay back many times over:

$4,500 per person
$8,500 for two people
$30,000 for a team of eight

Note: part of your fee will go to carbon offsetting for your flights
Do I really need to fly to Thailand for this?

In theory, you could seek out all of the teaching, the coaching, and the experiences in other places. But it doesn’t exist in this unique carefully designed form anywhere else. It’s the mixture of all the ingredients in this location that make this a truly special once-in-a-lifetime experience.

And an essential part of this week is being physically far away from your life and work. We are of course conscious that your flying adds to your carbon

Healing Retreat Thailand

footprint, an environmental overdraft. So we’ll be asking you – how are you going to use this week to do something about that? We make it part of the ‘contract’ in attending that you repay this overdraft many times over.

Is this Retreat right for you?

We’re keen to make sure this experience is the right fit for you and for us. If you’re interested and you’d like to know more, we suggest you email Martin Palethorpe for a conversation. Email Martin at