Online Wonderland 30 day home retreat

Wonderland Healing Center is excited to announce this online Wonderland wellness, yoga and Meditation retreat for the current COVID-19 times. Thanks to the gift of modern technology, Wonderland Healing Center is delighted to offer you the invitation to turn this crisis into an amazing opportunity.
We offer a varied daily schedule and recommend that participants commit to a minimum of 3 sessions a day to get the most from this experience
This course is based on recorded classes of 30 days practice, with the highly experienced teachers of Wonderland Healing Center.
Fits to all Yoga skill levels (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)
As this course is online based learning, it is available for every time zone.
Our online course will be available to start any time!!!
We will provide a recommended schedule however; you will be self-managing so you can work the schedule around you.
Live talks, sharing, lectures will be scheduled every day , and will be broadcast on Zoom app.

Includes a 100 Euro Voucher to use in the future at Wonderland (Can be used for accommodation, treatments etc)

  • 30 days daily classes
  • 1 yoga/alignment class daily
  • 1 Meditation class daily
  • 1 Talk/Lecture/sharing daily
  • 100 Euro Voucher for future use
Contact hours

Contact hours will be from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (GMT+7). There will be be open talk for Q & A with the students for all the topics twice a week (practice or theoretical classes) and any relevant questions for being a yoga teacher (By the Zoom app).

Dates and costs

Starts every day
All for the special price of 300 Euros

Let’s sustain each other as this new and uncertain world unfolds. Our tried and tested program will support and enhance your wellbeing during this time at home, while your contribution supports Wonderland to stay in business.


Yaron, Liat, Anna, Aly, Shanie, Fluke and more!