We all want to live, experience, develop, grow and share. But how do we do that?

What tools are going to help us live a balanced life – to live our full potential?

Wellness activities are a combination of experiences through: Health, Mindfulness & Spirituality (Mind, Body &  Soul).

There are constantly new activities and techniques being developed, but which ones are a must to try?

Which ones, with the right guidance, will give you that empowering experience?

Here are 5 activities that will for sure give you a fresh perspective on yourself and life:

1. Animal flow – Alternative movement style combining body weight transitions and functional mobility. Inspired blend between martial arts and yoga.

Animal Flow

2. Inner dance – A music-based journey, taking you into expanded states of consciousness. As you move through the sleep cycles (otherwise known as The Circadian Rhythms) you will come into REM. It’s like you’re conscious dreaming, allowing you to access different levels of your being.

Inner dance

3. Yoga Nidra – A yoga meditation technique that allows us to relax, recharge, rejuvenate and awaken higher consciousness.Yoga Nidra is done in Corpse Pose (savasana).g.

Wonderland Yoga

4. Sound healing – We create vocal sounds in order to experience sound and it’s healing effects. This simple yet powerful technique is accessible to everyone regardless of vocal ability, and allows you to immediately experience the effects of sound on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Sound Healing

5. Rebirthing – During the guided breathing practice, you may relax into an expanded state of consciousness, allowing all sensations, feelings and emotions to flow, which can result in release, processing or resolution. Everyone experiences things in a different way.


Therefore these 5 activities were chosen by trying to mix and match as many diverse activities to get a proper rounded experience.

Curious to hear how you feel after trying these 5 activities…