It’s no secret that the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, detoxing and fasting, underpinned by a balanced, plant-based diet, make for the foundations of remarkable vitality and wellbeing. 

Wonderland Healing Center is grounded in philosophies and practices that lead their community to live a healthy and harmonious life, offering a supportive space and transformational opportunity for everyone, whether they be a part of the group for days or years.

So what are their key principles that make for a sustainable, community based life?

Ahimsa – Non Violence

The core principle that is at the heart of Wonderland’s ethics is: Ahimsa, which is a Sanskrit phrase from the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, meaning no-harm or non-violence. Essentially, it’s the principle of not causing harm to other living things and beings.

Wonderland offers daily vegan buffets and 100% plant based meals. These meals are served not only with the intention to increase the health of their people but also as a leading example of Ahimsa, showing that a vegan lifestyle is the solution to reducing and eradicating the harm that the meat and dairy industry is causing to animals.

Do no harm to yourself or other living beings. Lead by compassion and embody the practices and principles that allow for the wellbeing of all living beings on Earth.

Samadhi – Union & Solidarity

Through the practice of meditation, blissful states of harmony and union can be discovered inside of one’s self that is referred to, in Sanskrit, as Samadhi.

Throughout Wonderland’s offerings, people and practices, Samadhi is ever so present and inspiring. The center is a supportive space that welcomes those who may be looking for a refuge from the often noisy world where Samadhi can be hard to find. Here, they are given an opportunity to connect to themselves and find solidarity within one another.

YTTC Ceremony

Satya – Truthfulness & Trust

Wonderland is a unique place that you’ll truly understand when you experience it for yourself. Staying here is not like a regular center where you simply ‘check in’, enjoy the offerings and then ‘check out’, but a welcoming world of its own that revolves around the principle of Satya, meaning to be truthful and therefore leading to trust.

Here, you are welcomed into a family space where trust and truth guides the way. You are trusted to do as you please and to speak your truth. A formal treatment, as often seen from resorts and centers is replaced by education on discovering, embodying and living your truth and finding trusted connections among a like-minded soul searching community.

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Citta – Mindfulness / State of Mind

This is an important principle that encompasses a large part of the Wonderland experience. Citta, is another Sanskrit term that refers to one’s state of mind and thus our mindfulness.

There are members at Wonderland who truly dedicate themselves to sharing mindfulness in ways that are educative, explorative and experiential.

Whether you’re just beginning your mindfulness journey or joining their community to advance your practice, there are daily meditation, movement and yoga classes by highly experienced, inspiring individuals who have done the work themselves and are now committed to sharing the principles of Citta to improve and empower our states of mind.

To live by these above principles is to experience a life of health, harmony and community that is sustainable and attainable. Why? Because you’re choosing a path that is in alignment with your highest self. The one who knows that living in solidarity and truth, mindfulness and non-violence is the best that you can do not only for yourself, but for the World that we live in.

Innerwalk Sharing

Come join us and experience a life led by these principles, together.