A detox is a way of clearing the body of toxins. It can be hard to avoid toxins in the modern world–they can infiltrate our bodies in many ways such as via contaminated food, medication, and even cosmetics. These toxins can make it more difficult for your body to function properly. A detox retreat can help clear your body of harmful parasites, chemicals, acids, mucus and even negative emotions. Your body then has the chance to rebuild its cells: a fresh start, as it were.

Here at Wonderland Healing Center on Koh Phangan in Thailand, simply eating vegan food and doing yoga and meditation classes is a detox for some, but for others who choose to fast or limit their food intake, help is available throughout the whole detox retreat.


Wonderland Detox Retreat Koh Phangan

Doesn’t detoxing just mean starving yourself?

No! There are many different ways to detox, some involving raw foods, juices, and herbal supplements, which can help take the edge off the hunger cravings and make for a more comfortable, manageable detoxing experience. Working with a professional to tailor the detox to your needs is so important. Everybody is different so there’s no one-size-fits-all detox!


Does it actually work in terms of weight loss?

The media likes to focus on detoxing as a trendy weight-loss tool. There’s no doubt some people do lose weight whilst on a detox retreat, but this shouldn’t be the main reasoning for wanting to do it. For weight loss, a long-term healthy diet is more important, as this way you can find your natural weight, which will be easier for you to maintain. Restricting food should be done with the appropriate professional support and should be with the focus on cleansing the body and the soul, not trying to attain a particular body size.


But won’t I feel unwell?

Detoxing is such a personal experience, everybody feels different. It’s normal for some people to feel a little worse before feeling better. Some may find they get a headache, maybe feel a little dizzy, weak, or maybe have stomach aches. It’s a big change for your body, so it’s unlikely there would be no reaction. Eating only raw foods for a few days before the detox can help. Also, some detoxes involve herbal supplements that can help maintain your intake of nutrients and help avoid feelings of hunger. Your detox specialist can suggest an exercise plan to maintain your energy level and avoid exhausting yourself. However, it’s important to listen to your body too. As much as you as want to do that vinyasa flow class, getting in tune with your energy levels and opting to rest by the pool instead is perfectly fine.


Wonderland Healing Center detox retreat

It’s only short-term, so it’s not worth it

It’s true that a longer detox may give the body more of a chance to flush out the toxins and regulate itself, but a week-long detox retreat (or longer) can seem daunting at first. However, people who participate in a shorter detox may find that they opt for a longer experience in the future.

When fasting, your body is able to work on processes it normally doesn’t have time to as it’s always too busy digesting and trying to flush out toxins.

A detox retreat can help boost your immune system as the body is able to absorb more nutrients. People often find their skin is more radiant – clearer and softer. Using a sauna or a steam room will help your cleanse too: exercise is harder when you have limited energy whilst detoxing, so a sauna session can help sweat out the toxins in lieu of a workout.

For some, the benefits they feel from the detox results in wanting to continue with a healthy vegan diet, sometimes plant-based. But we’re only human! Learning to listen to what our body needs takes a lot of practice. Toxins will build again. You may not want to eat a vegan diet all the time, which is where planning your next detox retreat can help.


A detox is only helpful for the body

A detox can raise your vibrational energy as it gets rid of toxins from the body. This doesn’t just mean feeling physically more energetic (though some people find they do) but rather that your mind is clearer and more open to the energy of your surroundings and those around you. A detox retreat with like-minded people in a healing environment, whilst also practicing meditation and possibly yoga too, can be a transformational experience for some. Often our guests at Wonderland talk of a general feeling of lightness, cleanliness and of inner peace.


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Here at Wonderland, we offer detox retreats of as long or as short as suits your schedule. Our detox specialist will help you decide what works best, from a Beginner’s Juice Detox, a Coconut Water Cleanse, to a Three-step Detox to ease yourself in. We offer a full yoga and meditation schedule, plus treatments including massage and reiki, all on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

Find out how more about detox retreats and how to book here.


Written by Mel Ciavucco